Human Resources


I’m just exploring other apps/sites for HR management, looking for:
Personal Record Holding
Contract Records
Annual Leave Self-Management
Training Records.
There are other companies that do this, however, I wondered whether this may be a future development for Cliniko as you’ve got much of the infrastructure already in place?


Hi @Rich! We don’t have any plans currently to add HR Management features. Cliniko is primarily focused around health/patient management so while these sound like great additions, it’s not something we’re likely to implement within the next year or so.


Hi Rich -we struggled with this in our business finding a product that would work with our needs after trying lots of different ways, and one of our suppliers who used them put us on to FoundU (btw we have nothing to do with them financially feel free to mention me though so they give you priority). It started as a system used by ABC childcare centres and construction firms but they are being used more in the health field now. They do all of these things you mentioned, the biggest plus for us was the system encourages self management from the employees not the admin (ie can update own details, print payslips etc -useful to get rid of tyrekickers in our interview process if they can’t upload resume etc we find not likely work well with us as employees either). And they also have a great recruitment tool, and rostering system, does timesheets, payroll and analysis of roster cost for around $3 a user a week only for active users. Highly recommend.


Oops forgot my name is Alwyn Blayse CEO Allied Aged Care