HTML Emails upgrade

Hi Cliniko,

Here’s one that other may find useful.

We have a range of info for our patients especially with the new COVID-19 requirements. Rather than a very long email can the email system be upgraded to HTML? Meaning we can add a range of functions but especially hyperlinks. This would be useful to draw people to our website listing all this info.

Fingers crossed!


Great suggestion! For our links at the moment we use Bitly with a free account. You can set your own link endings too so they can be really short and tailored to you.


Have you tried using software such as TextExpander. With this you can use little abbreviations (snippets) to fill in text from just one word that you might commonly misspell to complete emails including hyperlinks. Check it out! It is quite cheap (something like £20 a year) and I find it saves masses of time and is so useful. You will find several useful clips on YouTube.