How we are preparing for GDPR


Use Cliniko and have patients in the EU :eu:?

We have had a number of questions about GDPR and what we’re doing to prepare for it. So we thought we’d summarise the changes in a handy blog post! Check it out right here.

As always, if you have any questions, just reply to this post or hit that ‘help’ button in Cliniko and then ‘chat with us’! :speech_balloon::nerd_face:

GDPR and VPNs - a couple of questions

Any updates? It would be nice to see the changes in place well before the deadline, so that customers also have time to make decisions about whether the changes are sufficient for them to be able to comply with the new rules.

I really love Cliniko, but I keep getting email updates from Writeupp! (which I trialled a while back) with impressively proactive communication about all the things they are adding and thinking about in relation to GDPR. With them, I have no doubt that everything will be in place very soon. I wish I felt as confident with Cliniko. It feels like there should not be silence around GDPR at this late stage…even if that silence just reflects that you’re silently working on what needs to be done. As a rather anxious customer, I would really appreciate more proactive communication…



Hey there!

We’re constantly working on GDPR right now, and it’s our number one priority. We’re planning an update for you shortly that will contain details on where we’re at, what we have left to do, and more.

Some updates for you right now include the fact that we’ve appointed our EU representative, you have the ability in Cliniko right now to action a patient’s Right to Removal, Right to Object and more.

We’re also working on our needs as a controller of your data. This will be seen with upcoming changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, as an example.

Be on the look out for an extended update soon!


Thanks Clinton – I’ll look forward to the detailed updates. When you see that we have the ability to action a patient’s right to removal/object etc, what current functions are you referring to?

All the best,


As for Removal, we provide a way to completely remove the Patient from your account! You can archive somebody, then the delete option will be unlocked. This may not be applicable for a medical clinic, as you may need to keep the patient details for a legislated amount of time, and in that case, we have you covered too!

As for Object, your patient can ask to be removed from being sent communications in both a marketing sense, and for day-to-day reminders. We allow you to change the status of those fields in Cliniko, so that you don’t go sending them communications that they may have objected to receiving!