How do you hire for your team?


Hiring great people can be a tricky process. It would be wonderful if people could share tips they’ve learnt along the way!

For us at Cliniko (and admittedly, we’re not a clinic), we find that offering unique work conditions helps us get many more applicants. Are there a lot of emails to read through? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes! We also talk about how we hire here. It’s awesome when applicants reference that blog post, because we know they’ve done their research! :books::nerd_face:

Enough about us, though…we’ve talked about how we hire the best talent! What about you?


We are in Grand Cayman, and finding qualified local candidates for practitioner positions is tricky. As is timing phone calls and skyke interviews with people across Europe and Asia and even Africa.

We advertise on several specific sites that cater to Spa staff and Physiotherapy/Chiro/acupuncture clients. We receive about 5-8 resumes a week. Generally when we respond it is with a form email describing the requirements (registration and license in certain nations, transcripts, copies of certificates, etc) this chases off the people who are not serious about relocating around the world for a job. It also gives us an opportunity to see exactly what type of education they have, and what type of experience they carry with them.


Wow, I couldn’t imagine being scared off for work in the Grand Cayman - being in Canada, the Grand Cayman would be a wonderful treat of warmth!

You mentioned a couple places that you coordinate calls with; do you target Canada or USA at all? I could imagine getting local candidates would be difficult with the Grand Cayman being a small island with only about 50 000 people!