Hotmail issues with Confirmation/ Reminder emails?

hi - we are getting an inordinate amount of people not receiving confirmation emails and reminders right now and it’s having a big effect on business (some call to check, but others assume they’re not booked in and don’t show up) - is anyone else noticing issues with certain email providers?

i know some people have requested in Features that we have our own email/ domains used in our confirmation and reminder emails - i really do wish this was a thing - or at least being able to get bounce reports for the scary amount of times people mistype their email addresses!


Yep, we do. Hotmail for sure and some random ones as well.


So many of my patients have not received their email reminders or invoice emails, we have checked to make sure that the email is typed in correctly as well as patients checking their spam/junk folders. I have also logged a complaint with Cliniko, I really hope they are able to fix the issue!


This is so bad and it’s been going on so long that I’ve looked at using an external email parsing system to relay the messages. But unless they allow an option for the emails to be sent to one central address instead of the patient, that won’t work.

This is from their help doc:
“ If you’d like to send booking confirmation emails to your patients so that they can have all the details of their appointment right in their inbox, we’ve got you covered. :muscle:

Yeah, right.


Hi everyone,

Here at Cliniq Apps, we automatically manage your reputation for all email receivers including Hotmail to make sure deliverability of your emails are higher. Please have a chat with us in to help you use our system for:

  • Welcoming new patients
  • Confirmations
  • Reminders
  • Recalls
  • Patient intake forms
  • and much more!

Agreed, having the same problem.

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Thanks for the pitch Hootan but we’d really like to have the capacity within Cliniko since we’re paying for that right now - as much as cliniq looks great, it’s yet another login (and realistically a payment) to another service which, in my experience of trialling, has very little support available in UK hours - most queries are answered overnight here which kinda defeats the purpose of “live chat” support.