Hide practitioners with no sessions / blocks


Hi Cliniko team,

Would love a function to automatically hide practitioners without sessions / blocks from the diary as you click through day to day. Or the other way to look at it is display only practitioners with sessions / blocks in the diary .

A past dairy program we used had this (TM2), so I hope it’s possible with you.

I’ll explain! We have 10 practitioners, but only ever 4-5 work on one day. Currently in 1 day view, there could be 6 blank greyed columns, then 4 columns that have bookings. The detail of the appointments in those 4 columns are hard to read, as the columns are 1/10th of the width.

Dara from Help Desk reminded me of the ability to click on / off individual practitioners, however which practitioners are consulting each day changes - so clicking a practitioner off the diary today, when you click through to tomorrow and they are consulting, you’ve lost their column until you click them back on. So the suggestion was to post a feature request here.

How challenging would it be to create a feature like this?