Help with Xero Reconciliation

Looking for help from anyone using Xero with Cliniko. I have been trying to set it up so we reconcile in Xero and have set up all the clearing accounts but it seems overly complicated from there on so I could do with some pointers on how you actually reconcile from there on, and what you do when staff make mistakes (e.g. enter a wrong figure or payment method) and you have to manually adjust it in Xero.


No it’s not complicated at all. I’m happy to help you out. I manage 4 health practices and have a pretty good knowledge of Cliniko and xero. Give me a yell!

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this is the only reason why i dont want to use cliniko

We are a physio business with lots of practitioners and lots of Hicaps/Eftpos etc etc singular transactions. Cliniko to Xero does each singular transaction. Hicaps provide the banks a singular payment daily for all the practitioners and the banks receive per practitioner the daily eftpos totals. In other words a mess to reconcile. As a result it has been much quicker to manually add each day transactions totals as above on Xero so then very quick to reconcile Xero to bank statements online.I therefore currently do not use the Integration Xero with Cliniko but would love to know as Hel says above if is easy to do or Cliniko can provide a protocol how to do with vast numbers of singular daily transactions. I am only new to Cliniko the last 2 months.

I’ve been trialling xero, and it hasn’t been as easy to set up as my previous accounting software.
I have set up Cliniko, Zettle and Xero to integrate. They are all talking to each other, but I’m not sure I have the money moving in/out correctly. For those of you that have managed to set this up ok, in Xero do you have your Zettle set up as a ‘bank account’, a ‘current asset’ account set up in chart of accounts ie clearing account / iZettle payments, or something different? Many thanks

Hi Hel, I’d actually like some help with setting up integration and managing practitioner ABN’s. Thanks

Happy to help. I’m not sure how we contact each other on this forum? - I don’t want to break any Cliniko protocols! Any ideas?

Thank you! Does the community have direct messaging and then we can set up a phone call?

Not that I know of. I’ll ask Cliniko if they can assist…

Hi @Hel. Have you had a chance to ask Cliniko about how we can set up some sort of chat? If not, I’m happy to ask :slightly_smiling_face:

@Hel @KGBook and @Reception, sorry for the late response to this.

Head to your community profile (top right corner of the page), and click on “preferences”:

From there, click “notifications”. You should see an option to receive private messages at the bottom of that page:

Make sure that box is ticked, and then you can message each other!

DONE! Thank you for your help.

Maybe if you need help, private message me with your number and I can call you if you’re in Aus? Or I could send you a zoom link perhaps?