Help with medipass Bank account allocation


I am starting to use medipass a little for processing claims/payments and have his a small hurdle due to multiple locations.

Payments process seamlessly with them being automatically processed by NAB to the EFPTOS terminal at the location in which the consultation takes place.

Is there a way I can link the payment type in Cliniko so it allocated differently depending on what location the consult is booked at?

ie currently the Bank Settlements state the merchant name at each address (so if I do $100 at location 1 and $100 at location 2 I get 2 seperate settlements for medipass, 1 for each location, plus my settlements for regular EFTPOS payments)

Cliniko (i think) I can only have all medipass payments go to 1 payment type regardless of location. Eg EFTPOS - medipass. IS that correct?

Is there a way to link it so that medipass payments processed at 1 location automatically go to 1 payment type (eg EFTPOS/medipass location 1) and the other location is allocated to another payment type ((eg EFTPOS/medipass location 2)

Hi there,
Pete from Medipass.
Yes, it is possible to have payments from different locations directed to multiple bank accounts. If you already have multiple provider numbers registered with NAB/HICAPS, each of those can be setup to direct payment to a different bank settlement account.

You will need a unique merchant ID for each location. These merchant IDs can each have a unique settlement account. Each provider number you have (one for each physical location) can then be linked to a unique merchant ID and therefore settlement. Similar can be done for Medicare bulk bill settlements. At invoice time, you’ll need to select the appropriate provider number so that payments can be uniquely attributed.

Unfortunately, making this change is a bit tricky as it requires a change with Medipass, NAB/HICAPS and Medicare if you do that as well. You should be able to get the process started via

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Hi Pete, thanks for your reply.

Im a little confused. At this point I am using it for Hicaps only.

In Medipass I do have the providers having their seperate provider numbers linked (when I go to staff tab I can see each has 2 location and associated provider numbers).

Also, within Cliniko each provider has their specific provider number allocated to each practice location (in Settings > Staff > Edit practitioner settings)

However, whenever a medipass payment is done from either location on my Cliniko page, the payment always goes to just the 1 merchant.

The HICAPS portion doesnt matter, because as it is the 2 locations are reconciled in 1 payment even when done via the terminals. However, the EFTPOS portion is the part that is always reconciled under the 1 merchant.

It would actually be preferable that the reconciliations used a different statement description all together, but if thats not the case then it being that the reconciliation goes to the merchant attached to that location would be better

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since my original post I have discovered that part of my problem was that medipass has incorrectly allocated provider numbers for out locations and physios (they were all randomly mixed up) - hence all payments were coming under the 1 locations EFTPOS regardless of location which caused some of the previous confusion.

that has now been sorted and I am receiving seperate payments for card payments / merchant settlements for each location as they are treated at.

So now on any given day I have (for the gap portion of payment)

  • Location A merchant settlement (EFTPOS) - lets call this A1
  • Location A merchant settlement (medipass) - lets call this A2
  • Loction B merchant settlement (EFTPOS) - lets call this B1
  • Location B merchant settlement (medipass) – lets call this B2

the 2 settlement for A/B both come through as the same description but 2 seperate items.

my question is - is there a way for cliniko to allocate payments for medipass settlements to a different payment type based on what location the invoice is created as?

As far as I can see no? I have all medipass payments got to an account “medipass”. Then the reconciliations of A2 and B2 have to go to this account (with A1 and B1 going to the respective EFTPOS payment accounts.

is there a way that medipass payments at A1 can go to a payment type eg “medipass location A” and at A2 go to “medipass location B”.

Hope that makes sense but the bolded bit basically summarises the question and the rest gives some context (hopefully)