Healthcode’s new fee sturcutre

Hi, whilst this isn’t directly related to Cliniko, other than the fact that we urgently need Clinko to integrate with Healthcode, I am looking for other people to start a complaint against/boycott of Healthcode if they go ahead with their newly introduced fees.

I do not want to use Healthcode as I do not like it; it’s a mess, difficult to use, and most of all, doesn’t integrate with Cliniko. However, most insurance providers force me to submit invoices through Healthcode. This is bad enough, as it more than doubles my work (inputting patient details alone is arduous and takes forever in Healthcode, plus then I need to regenerate and submit the invoice!) but now Healthcode want to charge us, both a regular subscription fee and a percentage for each invoice. I greatly object to being charged for something that I do not want to use anyway and that I am being forced to use.

I have looked online, but cannot find anywhere that deals with this topic. If you are interested in getting a pressure group together, telling insurers that we won’t work for them any longer if this goes ahead, please comment on this post! Thanks!

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Our approach has been, if an insurance company is a pain in the ass to deal with, we stop dealing with them. Why are you putting yourself in a victim status?

Some, but not all, UK private insurers are permitting direct electronic lodgement of claims. This is interesting as Healthcode is owned by private health insurers (Source: Companies House Annual Returns: [HEALTHCODE LIMITED - Filing history (free information from Companies House)]).

Though I can’t comment on how or with whom Cliniko chooses to progress, we are currently exploring options to support lodgement of electronic claims in the UK and welcome discussion and feedback.

Founder, Medipass