Healthcode integration

I would love to see Healthcode integration for electronic billing in the UK. There are several which are integrated but Cliniko is not on the list.

Thank you!


This is one of the reasons that I do not recommend Cliniko to some of my busier consultants. It would be a huge time saver! Currently having to raise invoices in cliniko then reinput into healthcode. If you are raising only 20 invoices a week this is manageable, but some of my consultants raise over 100!

This is a dealbreaker moving forward. Especially now all the private practices are moving the way of health-code which is a nightmare!!

The insurers are essentially forcing us to use Healthcode by refusing to reimburse clients with invoices as they used to do. Makes sense for the insurance company (large lots of people) but adds a huge burden to small sole practitioners like me to have to enter these twice.