Have you been looking for Australian Virtual Reception, back up to your in house admin or a Call Centre for your Medical or Allied Health Clinic? Gretchen's GO Team Carers now specialise in Cliniko health customer care at GO Health Reception for YOU


Welcome to your GO HEALTH CARERS. We have been the biggest fans of Cliniko for the past 6 years and after so many recommendations from Cliniko users we now specialise in your patient care. Many will know us as Gretchen Operations - Your Local Customer Carers.

We now specialise as GO HEALTH RECEPTION thanks to the success achieved for health businesses using cliniko in Australia.

**2 WEEKS FREE GO HEALTH RECEPTION support & FREE SETUPS for Cliniko Fans when you mention you saw this topic ** Note: this can not be used for holiday support.

Our Go Health Reception Team Carers offer a fully inclusive answer, appointment, dashboarding and free return to after hours messages service Australia Wide.

  • Say NO to per minute charging, paying for blocks of billable hours, hourly rates, traditional disconnected name/address/telephone number services and long term contracts.

  • Say YES to inclusive care strategies. Add the secret behind the health businesses boasting about the best patient care and business growth, which so happens to be done by our virtual health carer pods and call for a brain storm ph: 1300 799 037 and mention the offer above

Our live health and medical reception services sounds like we are sitting in your clinic and all calls are recorded for your review so you see and hear everything we do on your behalf. Go Health Carers help you to become organised, prepared and in control, taking the stress out of running your clinic and managing appointments and naturally turn those enquiries into paying patients that turn up and rave about their experience.

YES we are your most proactive, dedicated GO HEALTH RECEPTION team for Australian Practioners

Welcome to the concierge approach to your patient care while logging into your Cliniko. Our log in to your cliniko also is provided freely, thanks to Cliniko. Yes you are assigned to a POD of Carers solving the problem of not having one person to answer calls and allows us to better support spikes in call traffic and be call ready for more hours per day Monday to Saturday.

Cliniko is our No.1. customer management tool to partner with. Our Go Health Reception Carers love to create positive experiences and engage with your callers with informative, professionalism and obvious care while interacting with Cliniko. There is so much we can do within a phone call including finding the nearest chemist for a caller and applying your business strategies to best support the marketing, sales and operational approach to your business. Remember it is not ok to just cancel clients but invite to reschedule or find those alternatives then report accordingly using a variety of methods cliniko has provided.

Your Website suggests you are the person in your profession or area to see. Partner and include GO HEALTH Reception in your practise to ensure your patients are impressed and confident to attend and accept your expert health care.

Make a positive difference in your clinic today by calling to brain storm ph: 1300 799 037 or check out our website: Go Health Reception