Have appointment notes appear in ICal or equivalent

I do Home Visits. Therefore all my patients addresses have been copied into ‘appointment notes’ so they’re permanently accessible from the appointment screen and I don’t need to click into the patient to get their address.

Currently on ICal it shows me the patient’s name and phone number I have on file. It would be really useful if it was also able to display their address and/or patient notes on there as well.

Patient notes would obviously be the most suited for all users as you can add whatever you need. E.g. I would add their address into notes and therefore that’s viewable in ICal.

Thanks for the great job guys!

Hi @Stewart! That’s an interesting workaround for how you use the appointment notes/addresses, thanks for sharing! :blush:To be fully honest, it’s unlikely we’d add in a setting that would send those notes over to an external calendar (as it’s possible that some people might use that field for specific information that might not be quite as “contact info” related, and is better suited to remain in Cliniko only). As for the address, is your primary reason for needing to see it in iCal so that you can click on it as a link/open it up in Google Maps or similar?

Thanks, Stewart!