Handwritten treatment notes

Hi All

Would be great if there is a Cliniko user out there who has already cracked this need and can share their approach.

I want to be able to setup Cliniko so that the current appointment can be selected and then initiate the entry of handwritten treatment notes using a tablet/stylus to capture the handwriting (e.g. iPad Pro or surface). At the end of the session the notes would be saved. Converting the handwriting to text is not a requirement – happy to read the handwriting if I ever need to refer to the notes for the session.

If there is an easy way to integrate a digital pen, then that may be an option. However, I definitely do not want to have to have multiple steps to capture the session notes (such as capture to a file, navigate to the file and associate to the appointment).

I am aware that there may be 3rd party options such as Instinctive, but I am reluctant to pay an additional $40 (or is it $50) per month for such a limited function that I feel should be part of the core product.

Hope there is a trail blazer out there.



Hi Rod,
How did you get on with this - I have the same exact question. One of my associates would like to do this!
Any tips?


Hi Amanda

I’ve drawn a blank on this unfortunately. If you are aware of any progress made, please give me a shout.