Handwritten treatment notes - Looking for partners to develop this

Cliniko customers who also need to capture handwritten treatment notes…
I am looking for other Cliniko customers who would like to partner in the development of this capability. My intent would be that we collectively would retain the intellectual property and find a developer on that basis.
After we develop the software, we can sell the right to use it to other Cliniko customers and use the revenue for maintenance and enhancements, and eventually to recover our initial investment.

Highlights of the proposed solution are:
• Input handwriting using a stylus on a tablet
• Add a new treatment note from either the client’s appointment or the client record
• View a client’s handwritten treatment notes by Date/Time Created
• View a list of treatment notes for a client
• Select a treatment note and view the note in read only mode
• Select a treatment note and edit the note
• Select one or more treatment notes and download the selection to your device
• A treatment name can have multiple pages
• Ability to append or insert a page
• Ability to navigate backward and forward through the pages
• Auto-update of changes
• Using OneDrive as the repository
• Typed treatment notes functionality remain unchanged

I have developed the software specification for the solution. In case you are wondering, there are no costs for developing this specification, I have gladly done this in an attempt to plug this functional gap in Cliniko that is causing my wife (a family therapist and Cliniko customer) a lot of pain.

If you would like to register your interest in partnering me in this solution, please confirm your interest by 18 December. Please contact me at rod@briner.net.au.

The next step will be requesting proposals to develop the solution, from which we can assess the viability of this project.