GST/BAS reporting using Cliniko data


Hi Everyone,

We’re new to Cliniko and I’m just getting used to my end of month reporting with the data it generates (and getting prepared for my Quarter 2 Business Activity Statement). I’d be really grateful for any help from experienced users…

We report our GST quarterly on a Cash basis, the data I get from Cliniko gives me practice revenue (basically what we’ve billed) with GST breakdown, but the actual cash we’ve taken (as per the payment summary) doesn’t have the GST breakdown. I’ve spent ages on this today but can’t see anyway I can get payment summary report to provide me with GST detail. Hopefully someone will tell me there is an easy way to do this, but, from what I can tell, it looks like I’ll need to set up separate calculations outside of Cliniko in order to take the GST detail practice revenue report, remove any unpaid invoices from the figures, and the check if there’s any invoices from last month (and any previous months) with GST applied that have been paid in order to work out the GST for each month so that I can tally up my quarterly BAS. Am I missing something here?

And when looking at outstanding invoices, is there anyway that I can get an outstanding invoice report at day X, rather than only being able to look at my outstanding invoices for the day that I’m currently logged in? It would be so handy to be able to print a record of outstanding invoices at various past dates (end of month, end of last quarter, EOFY etc).

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HI Anna
We are in the same position - I use revenue by closed invoices and print out one for each practitioner and then one for sales not allocated to a practitioner - so I do this each quarter and again at the end of the year. I also operate on a “cash” basis so only use figures of what is actually paid.
Hope that helps Zoe


Hi Zoe,

Thank you for getting back to me.

Apologies if this is a silly question but how do you get a revenue report by closed invoices (my practice revenue report includes open invoices and I can’t see how I can change that anywhere)?

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Hey Anna,

I believe Zoe’s Revenue report by closed invoices is actually from the “Reports” page. Whereas I think you’re using the “Data Export” page.


I didn’t see an easy way to include Invoice tax amount on payment data exports or payment data on invoice data exports from within Cliniko.

You should however be able to do a VLOOKUP in Excel to get the tax amount in the Payment Allocations export from the Invoices export (Phew, that’s a mouthful). This may also get complex if multiple payments, or split payments are made on the same invoice.

=VLOOKUP(J2,InvoicesSheet!A:J,8, FALSE)

I uploaded an example spreadsheet here with some mock data.



Super, now I’m with you both!
Thanks very much Michael.
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Good news @annatr, @ZBP, and @MichaelBrawn! We’ve now added Tax Amount to the Payments Export!!

Details on the addition here: Payment Data Export now includes Tax Amount!

When exporting Payments (via Settings → Data Export), the last column will show the GST that was collected on each Payment (if applicable).

So if you need to report GST on Cash Payments, you can filter/sort the Report by your “Cash” column so it’s easy to see tax collected on those payments.

I hope this helps, everyone!

P.S. Phenomenal initial workaround @MichaelBrawn!


Hey Rachel,

That’s awesome! That will definitely be way easier than my workaround!
Nobody really wants to do VLOOKUPs anyways, right?
Glad I could help, and I’m excited to see this updated for Anna and others!



Super - thanks @rachel & @MichaelBrawn - this month’s reporting will be a breeze!
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