Group telehealth calls are here!

You can now have telehealth video calls with more than one patient! :tada: Specifically, you can have calls with up to 3 other people total (whether that be 3 other patients, or another practitioner and 2 patients, for example).

Group telehealth appointments are very similiar to “regular” group appointments in that you’ll set them up and add patients to them in the same way you would for any other group appointment! We’ll walk you through the steps.

Setting up group telehealth appointment types

To get it set up, you’ll want to make sure of a couple things. Within the appointment type, make sure that the maximum number of patients isn’t more than 3:

At the bottom, you’ll want to turn telehealth on:

When you do that, in your list of appointment types, you’ll see that the group appointment is telehealth enabled:

Scheduling group telehealth appointments

Next, you’re going to want to add the group appointment to your calendar to “hold” the spot—the same way you would for a regular group appointment. For example, if you’re going to have a recurring telehealth call with 3 patients at the same time each week, you’ll schedule a repeating group appointment, like this:

That will place the appointment on your calendar, like this:

When it comes time to book patients into this group telehealth call, simply select the appointment, and then press the Add patient button:

You can add them to just this call, or recurring ones:

:point_up:Note: If you try to add more patients than the allowed amount, you’ll see an alert letting you know:

Make sure that you add the telehealth link to your appointment confirmation or reminder templates, to ensure that your patients get the link to join the call!

Once everyone’s added, the appointment will look like this:

Next up: actually holding the group call!

Attending the group telehealth appointment

Once it’s time for the appointment, you’ll join the video call as you would for a “regular” (1-patient) telehealth call. This will open up the call, and the main difference will now be that there are multiple other people on it!

Here’s an example of what that would look like:

You’ll also be able to share “invite links” with each patient if need be (if they happened to lose their original link). Those will be available on your screen (the other participants won’t see them).

As always, if you have any questions on group telehealth appointments, let us know! Our support team is happy to help out. :hugs:

Can you link people into a group call if they are not a client? For example if you want an external interpreter to join a call, can you send the group telepractice link to them? So there’d be the clinician, the client, and the interpreter, but only one person (the client) being “booked” into the appointment and invoiced.

Hi @BethC! Yes, anybody with the link will be able to join, but note that there is a maximum of 4 participants in these group telehealth sessions.

Is it possible to have gallery view with these calls, for example each person is in a quadrant - flicking to different speakers can get annoying really quickly!

Hi Marcus - When I try this, as per @BethC 's question it doesn’t work. All our groups and 1:1’s are working well, however my understanding is that each link 1:1 will only work with the individual you sent it to (I’m probably making an error somewhere). @BethC question relates to us too, where we would like another MDT member joining a client session, but that MDT member isn’t a client with us on Cliniko. How can I generate a link for them to join the group without registering them as a client?

I was really excited about this, and myself and 2 other therapists tried out the group video call feature today as I would like to use it for clinical supervision.
We lasted 10 minutes before we closed it and moved to Zoom. A lot of people use “gallery view” for group calls so that they can see everyones’ faces at one time at a decent size. The second option would be for the screen to change to the person who talks. But to have to manually change the video to the person who is talking was a no-no. You could be endlessly clicking during a discussion, and if you’re looking at someone in a small window, you may as well be speaking on the phone as you can’t really pick up facial expressions. Is there a timeline for updating the group call functionality? Thank you! (Edited to add that I just noticed that I made a comment about this back in May, and there has been no reply???)