Group Sessions - bulk session purchases & patient cancellations

Hey there @joel @Clinton et al… just wanted to add my comment here as I am (after using Cliniko now for at least two years) finding my scheduling and planning of group sessions (yoga, pilates, HIIT, Pump - we have lots of classes and 8 teachers (that we are not going to add on top of our 8 pracitioners)) REALLY TRICKY with Cliniko.

I’m not actually bothered about payments so much (still would be great but maybe we could do this step by step to get the ball rolling?? :wink: ) but would love for people to be able to book classes online without being confused by how we have it set up as we currently use a “practitioner” called Studio Bookings to book online.

I really hope that this is a feature that is going to be considered in the near future as the latest in the healthcare world (in NZ at least) is affordability and accessibility, and of course this is through group sessions. Is there any way I can get an update on this, considering the last reply I can see on this thread is May this year? Even if the update is - keep looking elsewhere for a solution?

Thanks team =)

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Hey @KateWG
At the moment this isn’t something we’ve started working on, so it’s not going to happen in the near future. It is still definitely a feature that we’d like to see added to Cliniko, but unfortunately there’s really not anything more to say about it. If that changes we’ll definitely post here!

I agree - this would be extremely helpful to be able to book online Pilates classes (i.e. 4 per group booking) and for clients to be able to pay upfront and in bulk

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Any news when you guys would integrate a bulk session booking where you it tracks them in the calendar until they are completed.?