Group Sessions - bulk session purchases & patient cancellations


Hey everyone,

Just jumping in quickly, as this post has been active a bit lately. We’ve just had our meet up, so we’re just getting back into the swing of things now (sorry for not piping up earlier)!

Unfortunately, no good news just yet. We haven’t been working on adding these features mentioned in this thread, I’m sorry. Because we haven’t been actively working them, I’m personally not expecting anything to help out here within the next 6 months.

The upshot is that the details in here are excellent, and they have been taken on board. We’ve also recently had a meeting with a 3rd party integrator, and they’ve told us what they need from us to help us take advantage of their upcoming integration plans. A lot of it is very similar to what is needed here, and we’re super keen to tie it all together.

I really wish I had better news to provide you all today, and I hope that I can share some details on the development of these needs as soon as we get started on them.



How do we find out what’s on your Feature development pipeline?

More importantly, how can we influence that pipeline? I’ve seen some of the updates of late, and it’s unclear what is the primary driver for them. This forum (and the API Issues register) seem the only places where we can provide feedback, but looking at the issues list here and your comments above, seems to suggest that this isn’t the most effective forum. What will make a difference?


It seems not much will make a difference. :frowning_face:
This conversation has been going on for years, not just the last 6 months. Initially there were only a handful of us asking for these features, so I’m not surprised it was down the priority list. But now there’s a rapidly growing cohort of users who need these features, and are communicating these needs, however the progress isn’t happening.
And when someone from Cliniko says “I’m personally not expecting anything to help out here within the next 6 months”, it really means a minimum of 12 months. :cry:
I’m just not sure how many developers you guys need to employ in order to make this a priority. How hard can it be? What can seriously keep popping up and pushing this down the list? How do you not have enough spare hands to make this happen?


Hi @pure_rdm, we don’t share our development pipeline. We previously would give more information about it, but we found it could set expectations that we may not meet, and that can do more harm than good. There are a lot of unpredictable factors that go into when a feature will be worked on or released, even something being on the go is not necessarily an indicator it will go live soon. As for how you can influence it, posts like this help, we do read them all, even if not every one here is responded to (this community site was largely intended to allow our customers to speak with each other, although again we do read every post).

@Ian_Lawson I know your frustration here, we’ve chatted plenty about this one. Right now the hold up is still a rework on our underlying payments system. There’s a lot of work to fix it behind the scenes before we can add packages. It’s likely months of work for no notable change to our customers, before we can then make the useful changes like this. It needs to be done, but it does make it harder to prioritise when there is other features we can work on immediately for immediate effect.

As for development in general. We’ve been slow this past year at doing proactive development. We spent months getting GDPR compliant. We spend months resolving performance issues/stability. Also, our development team was not big enough anymore, we’ve grown and our development team hadn’t. We expanded the development team by 50% a few months ago. With GDPR & Performance issues behind us, and the new developers hitting productivity, we’re feeling like we’re moving fast again and able to be proactive. I still can’t give any ETA on this change, but I do think people will be satisified with development speed again.