Group Sessions - bulk session purchases & patient cancellations


Hey everyone,

Just jumping in quickly, as this post has been active a bit lately. We’ve just had our meet up, so we’re just getting back into the swing of things now (sorry for not piping up earlier)!

Unfortunately, no good news just yet. We haven’t been working on adding these features mentioned in this thread, I’m sorry. Because we haven’t been actively working them, I’m personally not expecting anything to help out here within the next 6 months.

The upshot is that the details in here are excellent, and they have been taken on board. We’ve also recently had a meeting with a 3rd party integrator, and they’ve told us what they need from us to help us take advantage of their upcoming integration plans. A lot of it is very similar to what is needed here, and we’re super keen to tie it all together.

I really wish I had better news to provide you all today, and I hope that I can share some details on the development of these needs as soon as we get started on them.



How do we find out what’s on your Feature development pipeline?

More importantly, how can we influence that pipeline? I’ve seen some of the updates of late, and it’s unclear what is the primary driver for them. This forum (and the API Issues register) seem the only places where we can provide feedback, but looking at the issues list here and your comments above, seems to suggest that this isn’t the most effective forum. What will make a difference?

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It seems not much will make a difference. :frowning_face:
This conversation has been going on for years, not just the last 6 months. Initially there were only a handful of us asking for these features, so I’m not surprised it was down the priority list. But now there’s a rapidly growing cohort of users who need these features, and are communicating these needs, however the progress isn’t happening.
And when someone from Cliniko says “I’m personally not expecting anything to help out here within the next 6 months”, it really means a minimum of 12 months. :cry:
I’m just not sure how many developers you guys need to employ in order to make this a priority. How hard can it be? What can seriously keep popping up and pushing this down the list? How do you not have enough spare hands to make this happen?

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Hi @pure_rdm, we don’t share our development pipeline. We previously would give more information about it, but we found it could set expectations that we may not meet, and that can do more harm than good. There are a lot of unpredictable factors that go into when a feature will be worked on or released, even something being on the go is not necessarily an indicator it will go live soon. As for how you can influence it, posts like this help, we do read them all, even if not every one here is responded to (this community site was largely intended to allow our customers to speak with each other, although again we do read every post).

@Ian_Lawson I know your frustration here, we’ve chatted plenty about this one. Right now the hold up is still a rework on our underlying payments system. There’s a lot of work to fix it behind the scenes before we can add packages. It’s likely months of work for no notable change to our customers, before we can then make the useful changes like this. It needs to be done, but it does make it harder to prioritise when there is other features we can work on immediately for immediate effect.

As for development in general. We’ve been slow this past year at doing proactive development. We spent months getting GDPR compliant. We spend months resolving performance issues/stability. Also, our development team was not big enough anymore, we’ve grown and our development team hadn’t. We expanded the development team by 50% a few months ago. With GDPR & Performance issues behind us, and the new developers hitting productivity, we’re feeling like we’re moving fast again and able to be proactive. I still can’t give any ETA on this change, but I do think people will be satisified with development speed again.


@joel thanks for the update. Keep us all in the loop. You know this is something that lots of your customers want (and need), so we look forward to seeing it in action. What I don’t understand is how a smaller, less ‘personelled’ company such as Timely can manage the packages function so seamlessly and effortlessly, but it takes you guys with your comparative army of developers so long to get something like this integrated. I know they built their software around that purpose a bit more specifically, but it’s not as though the tech is particularly new and difficult to navigate through - Timely (and to my knowledge, others) have been doing it for years. I think that’s the frustration that lots of Cliniko users have - the amount of time it seems to take to get stuff done. We know there’s lots that has to go on behind the scenes etc etc, but companies that want to attract and keep customers just need to work quickly to get stuff done or else customers are just going to start looking elsewhere. I’ll be perfectly honest and tell you that I have looked elsewhere, but I just can’t find one option that does everything we need, hence me using two systems concurrently. I long for the day that I’m not forking out for two separate software subscriptions.
Thanks again for the update, can’t wait to hear of the progress soon.
Merry Christmas to you all! :santa::christmas_tree:


Ha! They just keep us “hanging on” for the features we need while enjoying our subscription revenue. It’s just sad. I’ve been using Cliniko for 6 years and there have been VERY few changes: a glitchy group booking thing, gender neutrality, cookies policies, body diagrams, and some simple design changes. Otherwise, nothing functional like payment processing and intake forms.

I am about to leave this sinking ship where the founders don’t want to share their fat cat dividends by hiring new developers who would actually speed things up and make Cliniko competitive.


Have you tried JANE apps?


Hi @Msavory,

I can understand the frustration in wanting this feature and not having it, but the suggestions you make here aren’t accurate.

In the 7 years since launching Cliniko, we’ve released 6,571 changes to Cliniko. This averages 2.5 per day (7 days a week) for 7 years. In that time there have been huge changes to Cliniko, it was just a fraction of what it is today. Of course many of these are smaller too, including bug fixes, performance updates, security updates, and tweaks.

I know our prioritisation of releases don’t suit everyone, but it’s very hard to cater to everyone with every change. We have more than 30,000 people using Cliniko every day, of many different modalities. We have many sources of information for what people need, and we do our best to accommodate. We have no separate motives, our customers pay our bills, and we work for them.

As for “the founders don’t want to share their fat cat dividends”, I am the founder of Cliniko. The last time I increased my salary or dividends was more than 2.5 years ago (3rd May 2016 to be precise). In the last 2.5 years, Cliniko’s revenue has approximately doubled. All that growth gets reinvested back into Cliniko and growing the team (we’ve hired 7 people in the last 4 months). Starting this business was never about the money, it’s about creating the best software possible for Allied Health businesses and also having a positive impact on the world. We still have lots to achieve on both counts, but I believe we’re headed in the right direction.

Again I understand the frustration when there’s features you need that haven’t been worked on yet. I even understand if you’re looking for other systems because of it. However, I do feel compelled to clear up misconceptions about our lack of development, or the founders just trying to pocket the profits.



Hi Guys,

I found it interesting to read through this thread and see the issues that people are raising re group bookings. I have also been very disappointed with the group booking function in Cliniko. I run 10 ongoing group sessions each week which clients can book into as needed and pay as they go. I have two rates for prepay sessions and I have found the payment system in Cliniko handles this reasonably well, although I do need to keep a pencil and paper log of sessions to double-check things if anything goes wrong, and it would be great to have a more sophisticated payment system to save this double-handling. My main disappointment has been with the way Cliniko handles ongoing bookings. Most of my clients attend more than one weekly class regularly, so to avoid having to book them in each week I book them into the class for the whole year. The function of booking ongoing classes works fine in Cliniko, but the problem arises when a client changes their schedule and needs to move their booking from one class to another, or decides to discontinue their classes altogether for some reason. To my astonishment it turns out that Cliniko will allow repeated class bookings, but there is no way to cancel the client’s bookings in a particular class once they have been made. This means that if a client decides to change their classes I need to either cancel each future class booking individually or cancel and rebook the entire class and then rebook all of the other clients manually. To me this is obviously a bug, as it makes no sense to have a function to book repeating classes without having a corresponding function to cancel them. But when I approached support about this issue, they seemed to think that cancelling the class bookings was an optional feature, and I was horrified to discover that there were currently no plans to include his “feature” in Cliniko (i.e. fix the bug) any time in the near future. This has left me seriously regretting my decision to migrate to Cliniko, as the class booking functionality, one of the main reasons for moving from my previous platform, is next to useless to me with this bug in the system.

I thought I would add my experience to this thread as Cliniko has exceeded my expectations in all other respects, but I feel that it is seriously deficient in this one area that is so crucial to clinical practice nowadays. I think that the developers need to look at their class booking functionality and make sure that it actually works as advertised and meets the basic standards required to allow it to be used in a professional setting before presenting it to potential customers as a feature of the system.


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Hi Andrew,

You’re right, this isn’t good enough. I know we looked into fixing it and had some hold ups. I’ll check into it and find out more.



yes a prepaid recording system would be beneficial for businesses, where the system records a package payment and every time this client/patient comes in for a treatment the cost gets deducted from the prepaid credit. I don’t see this in cliniko which needs urgent follow up.

Also Sale only invoicing/recording, I get walk in who only wants to purchase an item or two, right now I can only submit a sale payment into the system by opening a PATIENT PROFILE??? There should be a button where we can record sale items without the need to open a patient profile.

There are free system online such as shedul who has better sale record features.

Improvement please!!!


Thanks Joel, I would really appreciate that.



@andrewhaigh.mym we’ll have the cancelling repeated bookings released very soon.

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@andrewhaigh.mym You can now cancel patients from repeating appointments!

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That’s great news Joel, thanks so much!

Warm regards

Andrew Haigh

Wellspring Therapies

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Hi Jane, not sure if this helps you as a bit of a work around but we have set up a patient profile called ‘Cash Sale’ and we use this for any ‘walk ins’ that aren’t patients attending the clinic who just want to purchase products etc. Cheers Taryn