Group Sessions - bulk session purchases & patient cancellations


Alrighty… it’s a new community system so let the feature requests begin!

I’m really glad Cliniko implemented a group session option but…

  • could we please find a solution to bulk purchases for classes please! It is a total pain in the butt having to keep a patients account in credit and removing the appropriate value each time they come in. My colleagues are forever accidentally processing payments from the account for sessions that aren’t associated to a bulk class purchase. I know you’ve hear I’d before but the dreaded Mindbody does this very well (despite their system being a dogs breakfast)

  • a nice extension on group session purchase would be to have an automated email when the account is low.

  • not sure if you know but if you’re booked in to a group class, there is no way to cancel the session on the customers end (in the same way they might do from a regular appointment)


Hey Luke! :smile:

Thanks for kicking the discussion off! :dancer:

Those are really good suggestions, I agree! On your final point about cancelling, if you send out that cancellation link in your confirmation email, your patient should be able to cancel themselves from the appointment! Just like they can from other appointments! :smile:

We’re aware that you can’t cancel someone off the appointment yourself, from within Cliniko though and we’re working on a way of getting that functionality in, so that you can cancel those people off, like you can do with an individual appointment!

Katie :blush:


Hi Katie,

Thanks for the reply and the tip on sending the cancellation out with the confirmation. I actually have those turned off for group appointments at the moment because my patients don’t want to be inundated with 30 confirmations when entering them in to a series of classes.

I was alluding to the fact that my regular appointments have the link texted out in their reminder which is ideal. The appointment is fresh in their mind & is only 2 days away. The reminders for groups though don’t seem to have this link.

Thanks again for you input :slight_smile:


Hey Luke! :smile:

Thanks for following up! I’ll pass that feedback along! Who wants 30 emails in a row :expressionless:

Those reminders aren’t different for each appointment type, so the cancellation link should go out for the group appointment reminders, too! You can double check that you have those reminders turned on under Settings -> Appointment Types, make sure those group appointment types have the box ticked for reminders to go out!

Let me know how you get on,
Katie :wave: :smile:


Yes please… A group sessions bulk session purchase feature is in dire need… It is a pain to manually have to add credit then each time update the credit etc … I d like the client to be able to book an appointment and be able to tick a box that has purchase a bulk package then as soon as the payment has been recieved processed and added by us into their account have cliniko manage the numbers and then send an automatic notification about when they are running low. please please please… so needing a bulk purchase option… just as an idea:

you could add in the client profile on the practitioner/companys end a feature that has appointment type and then a box for us to fill where we add the number of appointments they can use for that appointment type and then all cliniko needs to do is take one off each time they use one up… and then when it gets low remind the client the client pays us and we top up that number …
I have seen this feature in DIY booking systems from other practitioners…


The biggest issue for me with bulk purchases is the lack on Xero integration for credit payments.

I need to go into Xero and create a payment received, then also create a credit note for that client.
Then each time they attend I need to separately apply credit to those invoices as the credit applied in cliniko doesn’t automatically generate.

The ability for credit payments in cliniko to automatically generate credit notes in xero, and when payment is entered using credit deduct from that credit note would be a huge help to me


Love the new Cliniko Community!
Just to further add to the group sessions discussion - would be great if the icons that show on a normal appointment type (ie arrived, invoiced, paid etc) would appear on the group booking somehow so you know you have remembered to check everyone off and put through payments - even if is is just one icon for all the people in the class as I imagine big groups would make this hard.
Also when removing people from the class/cancelling them it does not record as a cancellation would for a normal appointment type and we would like to be able to track these as we do with treatment appts.
Agree with the payment issues - would be great to have a rolling tracker so we know where people are at with their class numbers. We also have different class types with different payment amounts and its hard to track this with the current account credit setup - we ended up getting stamp cards printed to make it easier for staff and customers alike.


Was there any resolution to this. We are currently using mindbody for classes and then cliniko for all physio credits. I love the idea of purchasing a pack or appointments! That would be so easy to keep track of.
Or be able to apply 2 types of credit?


Running 2 systems! WOW

Are you still listening Cliniko? You’ve come half way with the group classes… could you please resolve the prepaid class drama


Definitely still listening @luke.anthony!

This has been a topic of conversation internally lately, though I think there’s still some work on other aspects of the software that needs more attention. We’re definitely aware that people need more for their group classes, around how to handle the payments, cancellations, reporting and more.

Thanks to all for the feedback!


[insert tentative sigh of relief here]

Thanks for the message Jim! I’m glad it hasn’t been forgotten about as it is a real day to day gripe with the software on the end user end :slight_smile:


Bulk Sessions definitely - but needs to play well with accounting software, The current way to do bulk packages is a ridiculous workaround and so much paperwork