Group Check In & Patient Screening

Hey there Clinikoer’s

I’m one of those people using Finger-Ink for our digital forms and we’ve recently been using it to deliver basic COVID related screening questions to all patients presenting to the clinic.

With the re-introduction of group classes however, we’re not able screen these patients as the API (I’m told) doesn’t allow for group appointments. I can appreciate that some of the issue sits with Finger-Ink, however if the API side of things would be a Cliniko issue.

It would be awesome if this could be improved so we can continue to reduce the risks to our staff, patients and local community.

Hey Luke,

Sorry for putting you wrong — as far as I’m aware, the ability to mark attendees of group appointments as “arrived” is available via the API. It’s just not supported at this time in Finger-Ink.

We do ultimately want to support it, but there are a number of items ahead of this on our roadmap.

Sorry for the confusion we’ve caused :grimacing:, and sorry we don’t have better news at this time for you!