Giving Refunds to patients

Does anyone have a way to record refunds on Cliniko? That would also show against income reports and marry up with my eftpos machine


Yes, Cliniko really needs to be able to have a credit on the accounts, and be able to put a refund in. To me, that is a basic function, but Cliniko is difficult to put credits or refunds. I hope they change this soon.

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you can put credits onto files.
just cannot figure how to do a refund - thats what needs to be added :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey Leanne.

I leave the original invoice and payment as is, and then create another invoice with a negative balance for an item code. This invoice won’t allow payment allocation. I then create a payment under the patient and you can then change/adjust the practitioner so that it then gets applied to the relevant practitioner. Again, this payment isn’t then allocated to the refund invoice but both the payment and the invoice are logged on the patient file.

Re the item codes, if you are refunding the full amount then I would use the item code that was used (whether its a stock purchase or a service). For overcharge/discount payment refunds I have created a separate refund billable item - RFND - that I use.

To me refunds are a basic function, this really needs to be added properly so that the accounting matches.

Another small item that our previous software did really well, but cliniko seems to lag behind on these financial functions.