Generic file storage folder


I’d like to put a request in for a generic file upload area in my cliniko software (similar to how xero handles unassigned receipts). I’ve started using a system which allows me to have new patients fill their forms in online. I’d love to be able to forward these forms directly into my cliniko which I could then assign to the appropriate patient.

It’s a very specific request but one that could really streamline how new patient forms are handled and ultimately save a buckload of time!


Luke, if you’d like to engage a developer for a small piece of work, you could attach the patient intake form directly to the patient upon submission. Do let me know :+1:


Hi Luke, we are looking at making our forms available online. Can I ask what you use?


Finger-ink is an app that does just this. It allows new patient entry forms which populate the exact boxes in cliniko and in development Is customised forms you create as treatment templates that. I’ll completed and then get uploaded automatically to the patient’s file
I tried out and I’m quite impressed and will probably subscribe to it once all the features are available
I have looked at typeform and survey monkey but the element of clunkiness in the procedure to get the information on the file is frustrating