GDPR Prep: Mass UNSUB from SMS Marketing


Hi Cliniko peeps! I know you guys are working hard on GDPR prep for us - I’d like to pop this one into the mix as I think everyone having to adhere to GDPR who also does SMS marketing is going to have this issue.

As it stand (as I understand from a chat yesterday), SMS Unsubscribes have to be done one by one. If we’ve never asked for consent (just used ‘implied’ consent) we will have to unsub every single person on our patient database one by one, and then re-sub them after they consent. Is there any quick way to create a mass option to unsub people?

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We’re talking about it!


We don’t use the SMS Marketing. But we have setup the MailChimp feed. How is the double opt in going to work from the Cliniko end. Cliniko only pushed to MailChimp there is no communication the other way, so it has to be managed in Cliniko?


We’re currently working on a feature now that if you use MailChimp and have double-opt in enabled on your List, we will add your Cliniko patients to your List as “pending”. Then if they opt-in to your emails they will then be added as “subscribed”. This is through the MailChimp API that we use for the Integration.

About MailChimp’s Double Opt-In Process:


OK - How do they get the ‘first mail’ asking them to confirm the opt-in? Is the ‘first mail’ sent from Cliniko?


If you are using the MailChimp Integration, the opt-in email will be sent when you create/add the patient’s file to your account. This is separate from Confirmation and Reminder Emails. If your patients opt out of those, there are some fields on the Patient’s File where you can set-up their Communication preferences:

MailChimp’s opt-in/opt-out though is handled on MailChimp’s side of things. If you enable double-opt in then they will receive an email once they are synced over to MailChimp (which again is when you initially create their file – regardless if they have an appointment or not).