GDPR - any updates?


@jim - is there any further update on this? Appreciate that some reports may not be available to understand who is opted into marketing etc, but there are requirements around collecting specific consent to store special data - specifically sensitive patient data, such as treatment notes.

NOTE: Apologies for starting a new thread on this, your community platform prevents new users from being able to respond more than three times on a given thread… strange rule.


Hey @doddy550

Thanks for the heads up on the rule. I agree that’s pretty strange, so we’re fixing that now.

Have you seen yet?
We’re working hard to get a few tools out to you, including ways to track who has given you consent, ways to revoke that consent, and to create a report for the client that shows all data you have on them.

That last one will be ready by the May deadline, but the others we’re trying to get out as soon as possible so you can start using them well before the deadline.