Gaps between appointment time

From what I understand there is no easy way to set a specific gap eg 10 minutes between appointments for online bookings? At the moment you have to make the diary entry 10 minutes longer as I understand… this seems incredibly clunky at potentially confusing to look at in the diary … does anyone have any suggestions?


Yes, would be great to be able to add and customise a buffer either side


I’ve been wanting this for so long! As an orthotist I usually write the prescription and design for custom orthoses after the patient has left so it would be really beneficial to have a buffer after each patient to allow me to do that. My current system is a bit clunky and there is no flexibility in appointment times and I’m often sat placing orders late at night which is definitely not what I want to be doing long term!


Agree this should be a feature to be added to the setup of an appointment type, The workaround, setting the longer appointment time is messy as the extra time will be visible to clients as part of calendar invite, creating unnecessary confusion - Customer experience is important!