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Hi @rachel @joel @Bart_Lewis

I know you love it when my name pops up in your inbox :man_facepalming:t3: (him again!! :rofl:).

I’ve hit a snag that I am hoping you can help with or put in the pipeline…

The past few months the clinic has had a few of the practitioners becoming fully booked for 10days ahead of the current day. However, when patients view the diaries online to book, it simply displays as unavailable which the majority have assumed that the practitioner is away or on holiday… resulting in them calling another practice. They have then returned to us, explained their negative experience in comparison to our clinic and said they thought their practitioner was on holiday.

All practitioners have “emergency” appointments available on the day, however they are only booked via a phonecall to the clinic (reception and practitioner discretion).

Is there a way in which Cliniko recognises that a practitioners diary is fully booked and displays that on the online booking system with a message regarding calling for an emergency (we already use the banner feature, but another prompt may be useful once patients establish their practitioner is fully booked). Vice versa, could the system display “On holiday” - this would have to be optional I feel as some practitioners are not keen for patients to know their whereabouts.

Hoping for a resolution before we lose patients due to them wrongly thinking we’re constantly sunning it up on a beach :beach_umbrella:

Hopefully you guys are well, and I’m not being a pain in the ass.

Big thumbs up,

Ben :grin:


Hi @Ben_Boulter! It’s no trouble at all. Thank you for reaching out :raised_hands:!

Currently though, we don’t have anything in the pipeline that matches what you’re after. As you mentioned, using the alert system at the top of online bookings is the best way to notify patients of the “emergency appointments” option.

This notice can be seen at all times during the booking process (until it’s dismissed manually by the patient), including when the select an appointment. So if no appointments are available they will see the notification regarding calling your office.

I do not have any workarounds for notifying patients when a practitioner is on vacation though beyond adding those details within the alert or details/description for the Practitioner. We might add something in the future but no plans currently for the next few weeks.

Thanks Rachel. It would be very helpful if you could add a feature like this to Cliniko… I know it wouldn’t be top of a list but I think it would prove useful to patients and also our passive communication to patients too.

Thanks all :grin: