Forms Stopped Linking

Hi, when I booked a new or follow up appointment I had two forms that linked to these and were automatically sent to the client. Overnight these forms have stopped linking to new appointments and I can’t see why. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you resolve it? Thanks.

Hi @LimeThistle! Typically we recommend checking your commuication templates and making sure they include links to active form templates and are still related to your appointment types. That said, we can help you troubleshoot & fix all of your communications so they send out links again for your appointments. Could you click Help → Chat with us within your Cliniko account? That will allow us to investigate further what’s happening with your communications.

Thanks Rachel. Turns out it was me being super efficient. There’s a 2min delay before the forms are attached in case you have made an error in booking and need to edit it… that way you don’t spam your clients. Very sensible.

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