Forms: Notification when completed

It would be great if there is a way to be notified when a client completes a form. It is quite time consuming having to go into their file and find the forms in order to check if they have been completed. Perhaps a notification or easy access from the dashboard to forms would also help.
Thank you!!


Hi @Abby , we at can help you with this. Please have a chat with us.

Yes, this would be very helpful to receive a notification when a form has been submitted prior to an appointment - I don’t want to have to subscribe to Cliniqapps in order to effectively and efficiently use the forms function in Cliniko.


Hey, @Abby and @SVSP

Thanks so much for your suggestion. We do have an overhaul planned to our entire notification system in the future. Notifications of form submissions is one of the things that has been talked about as part of this overhaul.

It is tied up in that larger planned work, so I don’t have any specifics to offer, I’m afraid, but I can definitely see how this would be useful. Along a similar line, one I’ve seen requested a bit less frequently is the ability to be notified if a patient hasn’t completed their form within x time before their appointment, which I think could also be a useful addition, but I’m not sure about how that might be approached from a development point of view.

I’m sorry not to be able to offer you any specifics about this, but do really appreciate you adding your voice here :smiley: All of the posts here do help inform our decisions as we move forward and develop new features, so I encourage anyone else who would like to see this added, to add your voices here too :+1:


Yes please to this request - notifications when a form has been completed would be more useful/a priority for me, as opposed to when it hasn’t been completed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes! Patient forms completed/no complete notification or icon would be very helpful. Like the arrived vs did not arrive icon (or invoice red and black).

ALSO cancellation notifications sent to patients (like a confirmation email).
Thank you!


Hi. Agreed - also very keen for this feature to have a notification or something similar when a form gets completed, to eliminate the need to keep going into client files and checking if it has been completed.


+1 - great idea (including the option of notification if a client hasn’t completed a form by a given time)

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Agree with this. It would be extremely useful :smiley:

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Yes this is really urgent for us.
A notification being sent to us or the client if they havent filled it in would be amazing

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I would also love this feature. To have the option to send an automatic notification to the client via SMS if the forms aren’t filled out by a certain time would also be very useful

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This would be amazing.

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any updates on this?