Forms Improvements vs Google Forms

The new patient forms are great! Here are a couple of basic things I’m missing when migrating from google forms;

  1. Question descriptions/guidance - I’m having to include these in the question box which means the layout on the form looks very cluttered.
  2. Ability to skip to another section/question, eg; if the user selects ‘Yes’ then continue, if ‘No’ then skip to section 4, question 1.
  3. Mark questions as ‘required’.
  4. View the form - as it really is (how the end user sees it) without having to create a test appointment for myself.
  5. Date question option - since we often collect a patient’s DOB on forms.

There are others, but for us these are the most important :).
Others eg; dropdown question option, uploading files, time question option, pdf download :).

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