Form help for new user please

Hi all,

I’m new here and have lots to set up! I’ve been watching videos on creating COVID-19 screening forms and assumed there would be some standard blocks of text that we could use from these as I assume users around the world have similar input requirements and why reinvent the wheel? That lead me to the broader question of why not have template forms or template form “chunks” for e.g., Intake, Consent, Privacy etc. I’m quite surprised that there’s nothing available and we all have to type out from scratch, is that correct? Even things like basic demographic info? Surely this would be a major time saver.

Thanks for any feedback on this.


Adding to this: I’ve since seen Cliniq as an add on app which seems to offer these things + sms reminders etc however given the latter is an inbuilt feature in Cliniko I’m not sure why this would be necessary for another fee per month. I’d be happy to pay a small fee for prebuilt initial forms (editable) if anybody knows of a resource?
Thanks again.

A great ‘UK Cliniko Community’ on Facebook who are all willing to share forms etc…