First time patient alert?


Would it be possible to have an alert in the form of an icon perhaps :star:, informing the team when the patient/client is new, so that way we know when they arrive if we need to give them a form to fill out, or also, check if we need to merge them with a duplicate profile?
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Hey SDT,

Forgive me for asking a possibly-stupid question, but don’t the “Appointment Types” within Cliniko solve this?

I.e. your new patients will be setup to come in for an “Initial Appointment” which will be shown on the Appointments calendar? And you can use this information to figure out what form to give them right?

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Hey Brendan,

Thanks for the suggestion. I did not create the option of an initial consultation on Cliniko to keep it simple for clients, even though we do ask them to come for 60min as we need more time for assessments. As most massage clinics we have either 45min, 60min or 90min sessions. I could potentially create that and see what happens :wink:





You’re very welcome Mauricio. I’m interested in hearing how it goes — please do post again when you know. :blush:

^ Brendan



Hey Brendan and the Cliniko team.

So I’ve created an initial consultation item/service, and what I predicted has been happening in 30% of the bookings. Returning clients are booking as an initial consultation and new clients aren’t. Again, in 30% of the bookings I’d say.

This means, the trick didn’t work completely, we still need to check one by one, probably even more so now then before.

So I’d still love to see Cliniko recognising that the new details entered in the system mean new client, and automatically adding a star or any icon representing New Patient so we know they need to fill out a form.

Anyone else have a suggestion that works?



Hi Maurico,

Nice work on trying the work-around. I’m sorry it didn’t actually have desired effect!

Unfortunately I don’t have any other ideas about how to solve this through Cliniko, but if you could answer some questions this may help them decide the most appropriate implementation.

When would you consider a patient new? I.e. would it be if the patient was created less than week ago? Or perhaps if the patient doesn’t have critical information entered against them? Or perhaps if there was a way to tell whether or not they’d filled out your intake form? (so that the icon :star: appeared only on those that hadn’t).

^ Brendan



I have just realised you aren’t from Cliniko or a user. Free Consultancy material huh? Thanks Brendan



Hi Maurico,

My company makes software that integrates with Cliniko and we use it in that capacity. Part of what our software does is display appointments from Cliniko — for the purposes of filling out forms (which is why my ears pricked up when you asked this question).

Sorry for making this explicit earlier.

^ Brendan