Finger-Ink & Cliniko in 2022 πŸŽ‰

Hey all, Brendan here from Finger-Ink. Finger-Ink integrates with Cliniko to provide patient forms and iPad check-in to clinics who appreciate good design and want a great patient experience.

We released v5 of the platform earlier this year with a number of enhancements, including:

  • Automatic processing of web form responses.
  • Notifications of completed form responses as they come in.
  • A more seamless check-in experience.

You can read more about the main v5 update here, and the latest check-in improvements here.

If you already tried an earlier version of Finger-Ink, ping us via chat in the app or via the Finger-Ink Portal and we’ll give you another trial. If you’ve never tried it, or it’s been ages since you last checked it out, you can get started here.

Thanks for your time. Hope you all had a very happy Easter! :blush:



Love this integration, saves us a huge amount of time. The skip logic/branching is invaluable - no need to ask male patients about pregnancy and contraception or private patients for Medicare details any more! Great service whenever we have a question or suggestion too. The patient’s responses are uploaded straight into Cliniko, so no need to manually type them in. :tada:


Hey Claire, very unexpected but so nice of you to say β€” thank you :blush:

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A big :+1:t2: for Finger-Ink

It’s a huge time saver for us to and we’re constantly getting positive feedback from patients.


Thank you Luke. Very happy to hear your patients like it. :pray:

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