Finally, Virtual Receptionists you can trust to represent you and your Medical business. Reach Us Virtual Receptionists have many years of experience using Cliniko and will ensure your patients are dealt with in the most professional and personal manner


At Reach Us, you will be dealing with an Australian based organisation. Our virtual receptionists are detail-oriented people who strive to provide our clients with the best call answering service possible. Our Virtual Receptionists go through a rigorous, multi-step training process that tests everything from their communication and tech skills to their creativity and resourcefulness.

Your customers will feel that they have been answered by one of your own in-house team, and all yours and your customers information and calls are private and never discussed with outsiders.


  • NO Setup Costs
  • NO Binding Contract
  • 1 Week FREE Trial

NOTE: All of our packages are based per call rather than per minute. Therefore, there are NO hidden costs and easy to manage. Call us on 1300 980 148 to discuss your requirements or visit us online at `

Time spent actually working while clocked-in.

The average receptionist is wasting between 50% - 80% of their day on non-work related distractions. Time wasted is money wasted, that’s money that could stay in your pocket simply by changing the way you assign your tasks.

How Reach Us Virtual Receptionists Personalised Approach

Getting started with a virtual receptionist for the first time, building trust and mastering the art of delegation are common concerns for all new clients. One of our senior virtual receptionists are always on hand to help you get started and to accompany you as your phone answering requirements evolve.

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