Filters or Tags

Hello Team,
I know there have been some discussions regarding the topic of filters or tags. I really think that this is a critically important feature. Although the information stored in Cliniko can be downloaded as a csv file as far as I understand the data would still not be searchable for information for anything but the most basic contact and financial information.
As Clinics increasingly need to show an audit trail, information on numbers of visits and be searchable in so many ways it is frustrating to have a Database that is NOT searchable. Of course that would also be useful for marketing and integration with Mailchimp.
For example, as an Osteopath in the UK we have to perform an audit of our Clinic on a 3 yearly cycle. I would like to compare my prognosis of how many visits I think a Patient will need with how many visits they actually attended. Obviously there is no way of doing this other than manually.

Dear Hugh,
Or… more to the point, how they actually fared!
Logging and retrieving outcome scores is something Cliniko has not made too clear. Yet BUPA and other insurers would surely want some evidence of how wonderful we all are.
Same for CPD, Same for marketing: " Eight of of ten cats had lovely fluffy tails at the end of the treatment" etc
I HAVE devised a form that does this.
Well… it seems to and today is day one of Cliniko in our Practice.
Dr Eric Asher London

NB our CEO is Jonathan Bailey=Teyletche, Osteopath