Feedback Requested: Signatures on things in Cliniko

Hey, all :wave: As you may have noticed, we added patient signatures to forms several months back.

We’ve also been working on adding non-patient signatures to other areas of Cliniko and we’d like to get some feedback from you on how you’d use signatures in your clinic :smiley:

The idea here is that you’d be able to save your signature in your user page in Cliniko, which could then be added/inserted into things like letters, for example, by selecting a saved signature from a menu.

Some of the things we’d be keen to get your feedback on are:

  • Which user roles (e.g. practitioners, administrators, etc) should be able to sign things?

  • What are your expectations around allowing users to sign things on behalf of other users? For example, would you like for a receptionist to be able to add a practitioner’s signature (“sign” on their behalf)? If one user can sign on behalf of another, how do you see that happening? Should the user role just have the permission to do so, or should a signature require approval of its “owner” each time its added to a document in Cliniko?

Any other feedback that you think would be helpful with regard to how you use signatures every day in your clinic is also welcome.

Thanks, much! :smiley:


Good idea - and please revamp the letters section as a part of this.

Re roles: admins and practitioners

Don’t think you should be adding sign on behalf functionality - potential can of worms.


We would like everyone to have access, so to include our receptionists as they send most of the letters and emails out to the patients. We would also be happy for the receptionist to sign on behalf of the practitioner.

I would just need Doctors to sign. I would not want my receptionist to be able to sign things… so maybe we could be able to turn on/off the signing ability much like we can for security roles?

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Also, even just the ability to sign with a mouse would be great

Yes please, I’d like on form which I use as a contract, to have already added my signature - so that when clients sign, there are 2 signatures on there. Also it would be really useful for there to be an option for that then to send a copy back to the client for their records.

Our therapists are supposed to be signing their receipts. This means we always printed the receipts so they could be signed. During Covid, this has been a problem. We have been emailing receipts without a signature. It would be really great if we could put a therapist’s signature on the receipt. Power receptionist should also be able to do so.

Iv been asking this for a while before insurance companies and solicitors asking for reports need a signature attached to it and we have to print off scan and then send. I would like the option to have therapists have a signature, personally I don’t need my admin team to sign.

It will be good if each user can sign and maybe turn on/off the ability to sign for others.


I would love this - especially for letters - I think people should only be able to access their own signatures -
thanks, Jen

Hi Ramsey, I’d probably find it handy in Treatment Notes section although for my line of work it’s not as important as I wouldn’t be sending letters etc.
I’m a solo practitioner so don’t have other using the system

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In Canada we have to have patient initials and our signature on every treatment note. Having that option is a must.

Glad to see this moving ahead! Ideally I want clinicians to be able to see and add their own signature. Usually my clinicians write and send their own letters, so could add their own signature at the time of writing.

I like the idea of a Power Admin being able to access signatures, but that this feature should have the ability to be ‘turned off’ (or turned on). I do agree it feels a little uncomfortable, so clinics should think carefully before giving admin/reception that ability.

We could use signatures on treatment notes - client/patient acknowledging acceptance of treatment plan. Saves printing>signing>scanning>filing/shredding… which really is a lot of wasted time/effort.

Hi, there! It will be awesome if you add some clinician signature in each note. In my country, is required to sign and put the license number in all clinical documents.


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