Feature timeline and "official" feedback


Hello, I thought I’d put this out to the group as well as to the Cliniko moderators.

I’ve been using Cliniko for several years and I still feel some loyalty to keep with it. But many of my colleagues are using a different service, Janeapp - nearly twice the price but the features offered are among those that we’ve been waiting for (draw on diagrams) and some that I know would be very useful for myself (patient accounts so they can view their own history).

Cliniko has been really reliable and the customer service has been great every time I’ve had a question or issue. I’m not going to change what’s been working so well for so long just because something new & shiny comes along.

Could there be a pinned topic maintained by Cliniko to keep a running list of feature requests? Maybe even split across requests that are approved & in development and ones that are refused or unfeasible. There’s a growing number of topics in the requests forum and it would be easier to see them all in one place. This would also make it a lot easier to see where the development team is headed with updates to the service

If it could include an estimated timeline as well; I know that it takes time to develop a stable service that works. But knowing that a useful feature is on its way with an estimated time is different than knowing than a feature that has been in development for a couple years with no end in sight.