Feature request - wait list when booking

Hey guys

I’d like to request the option of a wait list when patients book in for an appointment and their ideal day/time is booked already.

It makes things easier for them and saves us time and calls and allows us to fill in last minute cancellations as they occur.

Some other apps are offering this to minimise gaps on days and I’d love to see cliniko do likewise.


Yes, I agree, I had just sent the below request. This would be a great addition.

I have a suggestion if its possible. Many of my clients book online and would like to get evening appointments but they are often all boooked up. Is there an option for adding an option to the online booking system for the patient to add themselves to the wait list and specify time of appointment they need? Similar to the wait list function but useable by the patient in the online system?

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+1 awesome idea - much more useful than hunting through list (and maybe notes if left) and wasting time on calls.

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Agreed, at the moment the waiting list feature is slightly redundant; I have created a “Waiting List” appointment so I can book my clients into the exact slot they need, and immediately see when it becomes available, but obviously they can’t book themselves in for a waiting list slot as the slots aren’t available… So making this a separate thing that clients can book themselves would be very useful!

Definitely a great suggestion. We often miss client requests when left as a message on their booking. Alternatively an alert when a client leaves a message on their booking.