Favorite Cliniko Tip?

HELLO Cliniko Family! What tips and/or tricks do you know that might help other Cliniko users?

Some of my favorite tips are included in the Cliniko This Week videos but I want to hear yours :raised_hands: !

If you add a Cliniko Tip from 1 December to 8 December 2017, I will randomly select someone to receive a $20 Credit :blue_heart:!

Update: @Clive_Lomas is our winner! Congratulations! Thank you, everyone, for submitting a Tip! If you have any additional Tips, we’d love to hear more :heart_eyes:!

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Management Plan tips/client notes

I recommend having all your templates with easy to delete/add frequently used terms/conditions/treatments all made up ready and easy to use. You could go a step further and install a predictive text app to your computer/phone/tablet and set it up to predict what your typing thus it will fill it in and saves you a pile of time when doing client notes and management plans.


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Turn on 2 factor authentication for your Cliniko sign in to make your Cliniko infinitely more secure. Go do it now!

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Sadly we have found that this doesn’t make it any more secure if ‘keep me logged in’ is turned on:( Now I know, I can work around and have re-trained but up until then, we had the situation where anyone could pop onto my log in (with FULL access). I assumed I was covered by the 2 factor but I wasn’t.

It still helps a lot from the most common type of unauthorised access which happens remotely (often overseas).

We use the notes section of the patient information to enter the medical history and some demographic data (thanks Cliniko for moving it to the top of the screen). The tip is that we have saved a list of the common questions saved on a word/notes file that we copy and paste into the notes box when entering a new patient. We can then enter the information next to this. It saves time. Eg:
Shoe Size:
Date Updated:
This way this list is the same and copied from the new patient form. We just enter the info next to it.

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Holding down command key whilst clicking on treatment note or payment opens respective page in a new tab on a Mac or long press in iOS, I find this easier / quicker than navigating via the original page when dealing with multiple entries


Oh yes. On a mac - in safari - using my trackpad - a long press brings my photos into preview on the attachments page. There are no thumbnails so this is a useful and quick way of looking at them.



I think my favourite is the keyboard shortcuts! Hitting the ? while in Cliniko brings it up, and there are so many useful shortcuts. I think it’s pretty amazing.


Create a template for your standard treatment/adjustment/appointment. Fill text in the different box options of things you may usually right (ie. Diagnosis, Cx adjustment, Tx Adjustment, postural compensations, hypertonic muscles). This makes it super quick to set up for each new patient, and then copy and adjust for each new appointment going forward. I use tick boxes as well to keep it simple.