Faster Loading and Bug Fixes!


Welcome to another long list of fixes and creations!

• A bug was noticed when an invoice fails to save- we’ve squashed that one now!

• The treatment note PDF’s are displaying correctly now, after a few issues that had recently cropped up with their format. Phew!

• We’d recently seen a bug where practitioner availability was displaying with a glitch - this is corrected now!

• We now use front end routing for the links in the main navigation to appointments, invoices, and products - which means switching between them is very fast!

• We’ve fixed a bug that was hiding the settings navigation link from power receptionists

• Also, Added a callout to the patient screen to tell the user when a patient has been merged with another. Unarchiving merged patients also clears their merge information, making them show up on the patient list again.

• Users who don’t accept the TOS and privacy policy on the marketing site’s signup form and hit submit can now see checkbox status

• Our data exports (appointments, invoices, invoice items) now show the invoice number instead of the invoice id.

• Another one bites the dust - we fixed a bug that was preventing patients from being deleted (not archived), and also fixed a bug that was preventing seeing and changing medical alerts

• We now allow clicking main navigation links to “refresh” the currently active front end page

• And finally, we fixed a bug that would cause an index page to show up in the page after failing validation of saving the contact, expense, or product forms

As you can see, we’ve got all hands on deck right now! More updates to come!