Fairer Subscription Options

I would like to see a fairer way for the subscriptions to be calculated than the current option. We have a lot of therapists only doing a 2/4 days per week, yet each person adds to the subscription load. If you have 3 people only doing a few days you get into the higher price points pretty quickly. Add in using cliniq apps and you end up spending more than $500 a month between both, as they also go up per practitioner. So if you move into the 13 or more therapists price point you pay another 200 a month for that one person, and if they are only doing a few days a week it hits the pocket. Why not allow 2 people to share a practitioner spot? Lots of businesses in the health space are open 6 or 7 days as well, meaning you have more people on your books and therefore get up to the higher pricing faster.


I agree with this. I have a couple of therapists who only do 2 hours a week. I know some other companies have a pricing structure for “full time equivalent hours” this would be much fairer.


We want to have a practitioner that comes to us just once a month for consultations but it makes our package jump to the next price band, we have 2 others who work one morning per week.
I know where I worked previously our clinical diary providers did offer this.

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Hi Kath

Yes that is hard when it’s such a short amount of time. I think with Covid it changes the landscape too. As a business you want
more therapists on your books because if someone gets ill, or has to take a test and is out of action you need people to able to fill in.
That means more people doing less hours so you’ve got more choices to draw from. We do some mobile work that only requires
someone randomly, but it adds another practitioner to the list.

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Fingers crossed they’ll look at it.

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