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Is there any opportunity to include Facebook conversion pixels within the online booking system? I’m able to measure it through Google Analytics (with Cross Site tracking), but not able to run optimisation campaigns based upon the Pixel for those who book, or abandon the booking process.


Any thoughts on this, Team Cliniko?


Roger that!

We’re an agency, and find it super frustrating and quite shocking that you don’t provide this basic functionality to provide a Facebook Conversion Pixel Code, OR a Google AdWords conversion tracking code, OR a Google Tag Manager Code, OR the option to redirect to a custom thank you page URL.

You can see our feature request here with more details:

Until Cliniko provides BASIC tracking code functionality, we won’t be recommending clients make use of Cliniko to manage their online bookings. Please do make this a priority.


Hi, doddy550:

Thanks for your question.

Adding support for the facebook conversion pixel would be possible through Google Tag Manager, which we plan to support in the near future.

jaykay shared a detailed feature request with us which covers facebook pixel integration:

Please refer to this post if you have other questions or feedback you would like to share about facebook pixel support.




Adding support for the facebook conversion pixel would be possible through Google Tag Manager, which we plan to support in the near future.

What a rollercoaster reading that sentence was… yes, yes yes… no.

Question: How long till you support Google Tag manager?


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One more time for the hell of it. Any update on Google Tag Manager support?


Sorry to be a pain, is there any news on this? We’re really struggling to track conversions without this, therefore struggling to make channel/media investment decisions without it.


As @charles mentioned in his reply to the “Google Tag Manager” request post:

We’ll need to finish preparing for GDPR compliance (new EU data privacy regulations) before releasing any updates.

So while our development team is currently “all-hands-on-deck” for GDPR, once that is completed, we can resume work on other projects, including support for Google Tag Manager :smiley:. Once we begin work on Google Manager, there isn’t an ETA on when that work will be released but just note it’s definitely still something we plan on supporting.


Thanks for the update @rachel. Appreciate that’s on another thread, but I’ve been bumping this one (unintentionally ignorant of the other thread), with no reply. As I say, thanks for the update.


Sorry for the delay in response. We had issues in the past receiving replies to Community posts (it would notify anyone who was involved in the original discussion but not the entire Cliniko team) but we’ve since fixed that :raised_hands:. If for some reason you don’t get a reply within a few days for future posts though, feel free to chat with us directly in Cliniko as well (in the menu head to Help → “Chat with Us” or via cliniko.com).


Hello - any updates on the implementation of the Facebook Pixel?

(ping @doddy550)



This is being chatted about on another thread. But it’s not the kind of progress you’re hoping for: