Exclude Group Bookings From "Without Upcoming Appt" Report

The “Patients Without an Upcoming Appointment” report is a great way to make sure that people are either leaving with an appointment, or a recall before they are next due. However, there are a couple of ways lots of people fall through the cracks:

  1. People who are booked in for a class/workshop down the line, but don’t actually have a therapy appointment with their provider. This means that even though they don’t really have an appointment, the group booking shows up as a future appt and excludes them from this report.

  2. In multi-disc. clinics, where a client may be seeing 2 or more practitioners simultaneously (eg. massage and chiropractic). In situations where a client has a booking with one practitioner, but not another, again, people fall through the cracks.

Can the development team look at adding a filter to the “Without Upcoming” report, so that it can be sorted by practitioner? Or at least, include a filter button which excludes group classes from the booking?

Thanks in advance