Excel for reports


Would it be possible to have reports downloaded as excel spreadsheets rather than PDFs?
I need to use the appointments report to send to the hospitals I work with and the PDF that is currently produced does not supply all the information they require which means a lot of manual work for me!

Also if the outstanding invoices report could be the same it would mean that I can keep a better track of credit control and be able to sort my invoices into different groups.



While we do not have an Excel export for Reports, what you can do for both Appointments and Invoices is export that data via Settings → Data & Docs → Data Exports. Here you can export your Appointments in an Excel format that contains more information/details than the Appointments Schedule Report.

For Invoices, you can also export those via Data Exports but if you want to create an Outstanding Invoices Report, once the file has been exported, you’ll want to filter by the “Status” column. This will give you a list of Outstanding Invoices. There are also a number of columns that will help you group those invoices.

Finally, most Reports can be copied and pasted into an Excel document as well but Data Exports may offer more information needed for the hospitals you work with.

If you have any additional questions though, send me a quick message via Cliniko :smiley:!