Enabling Double Opt-In - Tip of the Week


Our MailChimp Integration just got better (if that’s even possible) :raised_hands:!! If you decide to enable a feature called “Double Opt-In” within your MailChimp List, you will send an opt-in email confirming if your newly added patient/client would like to join :love_letter:!

Curious how to enable this within your MailChimp account :raising_hand_man:? If so, I’ll be walking you through the steps (including how to edit the design of the opt-in email) in this Tip of the Week!

Video Transcript:

Have you integrated your Cliniko account with MailChimp and are looking to send out an opt-in email confirming if your patient or client wants to join your List? If so, I’m here to show you how you can enable a feature called Double Opt-In to do just that!

Let’s get started in this episode of Tip of the Week!

To begin, you’ll want to have a MailChimp account! Whether you have a Free or Paid Plan with MailChimp, Double Opt-In can be enabled.

As long as your the Admin of the MailChimp account, sign into MailChimp, then head over to your Lists. If you already integrated your Cliniko account with MailChimp, you should already have a List set-up.

To enable Double Opt-In on an existing List, click the drop-down icon (which looks like a down arrow), then select “Settings”. From here, head into the “List name & defaults”. You’ll then see an option to “Enable double opt-in” under Form Settings.

Once enabled, make sure to “Save your List And Campaign Defaults”, which is located at the bottom.

With Double Opt-In now enabled, any new patients that are synced via Cliniko will be set to “pending” and will be sent an opt-in email. Once they opt-in they’ll be “subscribed”. Previous patients in your List however will NOT be emailed as they were already set to “subscribed”.

Just note, if you haven’t integrated with MailChimp yet and create a New List in MailChimp — if you enable double opt-in before integrating, all patients synced over via Cliniko will be added as “pending” and will be sent an opt-in email. This is especially great if you want to obtain marketing consent from past and future patients.

To enable Double Opt-In on a new List, under Form Settings you’ll see the option to enable double opt-in when creating the List initially.

Regardless if it’s a new or past List, if someone does not opt-in they will not receive emails/campaigns that you send via MailChimp. Using MailChimp does not control or affect Reminder Emails, Confirmations Emails, Invoices, Letters, etc. that are sent via Cliniko.

The last optional step, is to edit the design of the opt-in email. To do this, head to the Lists page within MailChimp, then within the drop-down menu for the List, select “Signup forms”.

Then click the “select” button next to “Form builder”.

Under “forms and response emails”, you’ll then want to pick “opt-in confirmation email”. Here you can change what the patient sees when they receive their opt-in email. Again this is entirely optional but great if you want to add for example: your logo or details of why they’re receiving this email. Whatever you decide to change, I recommend leaving the placeholders that MailChimp has added. Those placeholders are indicated by the asterisks and pipe symbols with a label in-between those. These placeholders will automatically be replaced when the opt-in email is sent.

And that’s all there is to it! Double opt-in again is a great way to verify that your patient or client does in fact what to receive marketing emails or campaigns from MailChimp.

While that’s it for this week, I will see you…. Next Tip!!

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