Enable Google AdWords Conversion Tracking to be setup with Cliniko as well as Google Tag Manager and Redirects to a Custom Thank You Page URL

This is also a major requirement for my client. Any progress update here?

Hello everyone, we’ve just launched Google Tag Manager for online bookings. You can go set it up right away, and we have quite a bit of documentation to help you along the way.

This is the best place to get started https://help.cliniko.com/en/articles/3470790-integrate-google-tag-manager-with-online-bookings.

I appreciate you all pushing for this as hard as you have.

If you have any feedback or comments, this is still a good place for it.

WOW! Just wow… After just shy of 730 days of waiting, it sounds like we’ve FINALLY seen some progress here. THANK YOU.

We had almost entirely given up on Cliniko ever taking Analytics or Conversion Tracking pixels or GTM seriously… Thank you, and welcome to 2010 :joy: :+1:

We’ll check it out ASAP! Thank you.

Thank you for getting this done.
As an aside, importance is relative.

@joel and others…

If the tracking is done through the confirmation page address, how can we determine when a conversion led to a new client booking Vs a current client booking?

We have a lot of existing clients who book online, and if they were to click on our paid ads and book online, it would give the false data that this was a “conversion”.

Please help!

Hey @aidenans! :wave:

Dara here from Cliniko! Great question!

When setting up your Conversion Action in Google Ads, you can set the “Count” to “One” so only leads are tracked:

This guide will give you some more information along with some examples: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/3438531?hl=en&authuser=0#null

It might be interesting setting up two separate Conversion Actions to track “Every” and “One” ad clicks to see if there is much of a difference!

Let me know how you get on!


I’ve set this up using Google Tag Manage but all conversions are being attributed to direct. Anyone else seeing the same?

Is there something else that needs to doing in order for the correct referrer to be attributed?



Hey @Anthony_Mcloughlin

Thanks for the message!

Have you setup your conversion tracking with Google Analytics?

Would you mind dropping me an email directly (support@cliniko.com) so you can share some account/website details with me? I can take a look directly then and hopefully see what’s going wrong!



Sure will do. Thanks


Ok. So call me a complete noob on this one, but I’ve set everything up and followed all the user guides, but I still don’t know how to track this exact data:
Customer clicks on a paid google ad —> customer follows ad to online bookings page —> customer books an appointment as a direct result of seeing my paid ad.


Existing patient visits our website —> existing patient books online as they often do

How can I measure with 100% certainty how many bookings my ads are generating?

It should be simple, and I’m sure the answer really is simple, I’m just not getting it.

Happy for anyone reading this who does this for a job to contact me separately (ian@yourpinnacle.com.au) to work through the setup with me. Happy to pay as necessary.

Thanks all. :slightly_smiling_face:

@jaykay you seem to be the sort of person to ask? (see post above :point_up:)