Enable Google AdWords Conversion Tracking to be setup with Cliniko as well as Google Tag Manager and Redirects to a Custom Thank You Page URL


I work for a digital marketing agency, and it’s quite shocking that Cliniko doesn’t seem to offer any ability whatsoever to include a Google AdWords conversion code on the thank you page that appears after an online Cliniko booking. Tracking conversions is absolutely vital to any business serious about growing and marketing their business. Without this, it’s exceptionally difficult to know what forms of marketing, what keywords, what devices, what areas etc etc are actually generating the bookings!

Please please please provide the basic functionality of:

  1. Allowing people to input a Google AdWords conversion tracking script onto the Cliniko thank you page that loads after a successful online booking. (Why not just provide a box for tracking codes so people can input any relevant tracking codes regardless of whether they’re tracking via AdWords, Bing, Facebook or some other third party system?)

  2. Allowing people to input a Google Tag Manager tracking code that loads across all their Cliniko pages. Heaps of sites use Tag Manager now, and you guys really need to get on board. It’s a good system.

  3. Allowing people the option of redirecting to a designated ‘thank you URL’ (e.g. back on their own website) after a successful booking.

I know you allow a Google Analytics code to be inputed, but since Cliniko is an off-site system, the cross-domain tracking and attribution issues are a nightmare. To date, we’re able to track that an analytics goal has occurred (that’s nice), however, because people must leave the main website and go to Cliniko to book, we completely lose track of the original referring traffic source and keywords etc (which are so so important). Yes, we’ve setup cross domain tracking and relevant linker options (as per the instructions you provide), but because we can’t control the actual analytics tracking code on the Cliniko pages themselves (and force them to report to analytics the same root domain as our clients main site), this always shows practicename.cliniko.com as the main domain within analytics reports and we’ve found it very difficult / impossible to attribute conversions to their real source. If you could please implement the above 3 basic features, this would make it SO much easier for people to track where their bookings are actually coming from.

Thank you, and really hope to see these implemented soon!

Facebook Conversion Pixel

Hi, jaykay:

Thanks for your detailed post. We completely agree about the importance of tracking conversions.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) support is in the works, but we’ll need to finish preparing for GDPR compliance (new EU data privacy regulations) before releasing any updates. I know this is something you would like to already have at your disposal, but please bear with us while we finish working out the details. Additionally, I believe GTM support would enable you to safely and easily use Bing, facebook, and other third party tracking code.

One reason we haven’t provided a box in Cliniko for people to upload arbitrary tracking code is because of security concerns. Another reason is because we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Tag managers like GTM, for example, provide features to prevent malicious code execution, and leveraging a specialized third party solution would help us avoid introducing unnecessary complexity into Cliniko without compromising on features or support.

Regarding your attribution issues, I’m sorry your experience has been unpleasant. Could you reach out to support (either via support@cliniko.com or in-app chat) so we can help you sort this out? There’s nothing about Cliniko’s Google Analytics (GA) integration that should prevent you from seeing the original source/medium for conversions, and linking GA with AdWords enables you to track AdWords conversions in GA.

Lastly, could you elaborate a bit on #3? For example, what would be your primary use case, and what edge cases could you imagine wanting to support?

In any event, we value your feedback and look forward to improving your experience with Cliniko. Thank you for sharing with us.


Facebook Conversion Pixel
Facebook Conversion Pixel
Facebook Conversion Pixel

Many thanks for the prompt follow up Charles, appreciate it.

And I’m very glad to hear that you have GTM (Google Tag Manager) support in the works. I know you can’t provide a firm date, but approx how far off is this? Weeks or months? Hopefully not years?

  1. Allowing people the option of redirecting to a designated ‘thank you URL’ (e.g. back on their own website) after a successful booking.

Sure, to elaborate on point 3 above, this would allow people the option of taking traffic back to their own website following a booking, to their own preferred ‘thank you page’, for example mypractice.com.au/thank-you-for-your-booking. As an example, this page might provide a customised thank you message and tracking code, along with tips on preparing for your appointment, directions, latest blog posts and tips, a prompt for people to follow their Facebook / Twitter pages etc — it would really be up to the practice, and that’s the thing, it would provide flexibility. Not everyone might nominate to use this ‘Custom Thank You Page URL Redirect’ option, but for those that do, it would be immensely useful.

Thank you for taking on board our feedback, and look forward to hearing when GTM support becomes available.


Hi, jaykay:

Thanks for clarifying point #3 – these are helpful suggestions. We’ll certainly give this consideration, though at this very moment I’m not in a position to make any promises. :slight_smile:

Regarding a timeline for GTM, I could conservatively say within the next few months.

The deadline for GDPR is 25 May, and I’d hope to have GTM ready within about a month or so of the deadline.

I’ve bookmarked your feature request so we can update accordingly. Stay tuned!



Hi Jaykay

What digital marketing agency to you work for please, I need some helping with google adwords tracking and tag manager set up if possible.

Kind Regards



Wish we could Gary.

However, I’m afraid we’re not offering GTM or conversion tracking setup as separate services at the moment, it’s a very small part of the bigger service we offer.

All the best!


Good to hear Charles, and look forward to seeing full GTM support in the (hopefully) near future!
Appreciate you taking on board the feedback.


Hey jaykay, can I ask if you managed to set up sufficient tracking? I’m having the same issue where I can see conversions in Google Analytics but can’t link it back to the ad words, so struggling to justify the cost.


G’day Jclayden.

Nope, still no option to include a Google AdWords Conversion Tracking code and/or Google Tag Manager code, or Facebook conversion pixel that would allow for this. It’s been quite a number of months, and still no sign of this basic functionality. It’s pretty shocking that they still don’t include this sort of basic functionality, and hope it’s being worked on.

Hope this helps!


Hi Charles, what’s the latest on this??
Hope to see Google Tag Manager Support very soon!?

Thanks, J


Hi, jaykay:

Thanks for your follow-up.

We’re just about to get started on this. Will let you know ASAP!

Best Regards,



Thanks for the update Charles. Good to hear, and look forward to FINALLY having this functionality.


Any ETA on this, not being able to track conversions from an ad campaign makes it a nightmare to know if your marketing is actually working


Hi, @backroomchiro :

Thanks for your message.

A couple of things:

  1. You should still be able to track conversions from ad campaigns using good old fashioned Google Analytics. Could you please email support at support@cliniko.com or open up a chat with us if you’re having problems with this?

  2. We’re currently working on the GTM integration and the best ETA I can provide is ASAP. Stay tuned! :smile:

Best Regards,



C’mon guys. A really basic functionality required here. Any “element class” on your button would make it trackable within GTM.


Bump this topic. I understand why you don’t want to commit to a date, but ASAP doesn’t tell us a whole lot. GDPR is now out of the way, so can get get a rough order of magnitude on the timeline? Are we talking 12 months?


Hey folks,

Adding GTM has security implications since it allows people from outside of our team to run code on our pages. We need to do a proper vetting of the risks and how to mitigate them before we can move forward with it.

The timeline is not exactly clear because it’s not an issue of code implementation, and instead requires some due diligence to make sure everything is properly secure.



It’s pretty unbelievable that it’s the year 2018, and Cliniko STILL doesn’t support Google Tag Manager. Wordpress does, Joomla does, Wix Does, Weebly Does, Big Commerce does, and basically every other online platform… but still not Cliniko.

At an ABSOLUTE minimum guys, and at the very least, can you PLEASE allow for a Google Ads conversion pixel, and Facebook pixel to be included on the thank you page after a booking is submitted??

Or perhaps better yet, please allow a custom thank you page URL to be specified (e.g. ourpractice.com.au/thank-you-for-your-booking), so that we can host the tracking codes ourselves! Again, it’s pretty unbelievable that this most basic functionality still isn’t supported.

Tracking conversions is SO SO important to anyone who cares about marketing and online bookings.

Please make this your top priority. We’ve been waiting for a long long time now. THANK YOU thank you thank you!


Team - is there any news on adding GTM Cliniko…? GDPR is well out of the way now.


We’re still actively working on this @doddy550

As John mentioned we’re specifically working on the security side of things but once completed we’ll be able to release GRM support.