Embed Logo into Emails and Font Size

Would love to have the ability to embed the company logo into appointment confirmation emails and the invoice emails. It’s great to have the ability to have it on the invoice but would be great to have it in emails too.

Also the ability to change font size of different text in email would be great so we could include a disclaimer in small text at the bottom of the email


This would be great to add a logo to all emails as it would look more professional


Yes please - PLEASE update the look and feel of invoices, emails, letters, etc. Given this is how we communicate with our clients and referrers, it’s pretty important (and currently looks awful).


Logo and font control, and ability to have an address book of recipients that we just click and insert the addressee details in automatically would be great. At the moment I have to manually type the addressee. This is a standard feature in other systems.


I would love the ability to add logos to all emails sent to clients.

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