Emailing patient history within cliniko


Letters created for the patient can be emailed within Cliniko. This is great, but I often have requests for my complete notes ie patient history, I currently download as pdf then attach this to an email outwith Cliniko software: it would be great if I could email this within the Cliniko system itself…the same request for individual notes eg to give an update to a doctor, rather than creating a new letter


Hey Elaine,

To be completely honest, Email probably isn’t the best method for delivering secure information like a patient history. Most doctors will want the information by either some form of secure messaging system, or by fax. So we don’t have any plans to make it easy to email notes.

That said, we definitely can help make it easier to get the information into the doctor’s hands. It’s a massive pain point for the industry, and something that has a real effect on the patients you’re treating. We want to help make that better.

I don’t know what form that’s going to take, as it isn’t a feature we’ve done more than brainstorm about, but it’s on our radar!


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your quick reply

…yes fully aware of the security issues ( I also work in a district health
board which faxes out info)…agreed it is a pain point…though I do like
your email set up…there’s low risk of inadvertent emailing.

After posting the discussion…I have thought of a work around for the
individual treatment notes:

I’ve created a letter template and then put an obvious place where the
current treatment note can be pasted into…this can then be emailed
within the body of the email :slight_smile:


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