Email upcoming appointments list to patients!

Looking to send a list of future appointments for your patient? Well…you can now email a list of upcoming appointments directly from your patient’s file! :tada:

To email a list of upcoming patients, head to your patient’s or client’s file, and then navigate to their “Appointments”.

As long as the patient has an email address on file, you’ll now see the option to Email upcoming appointments when looking at the list of Appointments for a patient:

On mobile or smaller screens:

Once selected, the patient will receive an email with their upcoming appointments:

A copy of the communication will also appear in your communications log under the category “Upcoming appointments”:

This will make it easier to send off those appointments quickly to your patients! :raised_hands: If you run into any issues, please reach out to the support team.


This is definitely super helpful, thank you.

What would also be really good is an ability to text these to a patient.