Email upcoming appointments feature?


There is a lovely button that you can press to print upcoming appointments, could we have an email feature too? This would be a massive time saver…


Totally agree this would be a great improvement to the system.
I currently have to copy and paste into an email but the format is often not suitable to email.


This feature is high up on my wishlist too :slight_smile:

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Hi All, you can easily do this with You can use our Task Manager, Floating Widget, or automation based on your desired method of action. Please have a chat with us in our platform, we will help you.

For another $29 per month? I dont’ think so…

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This would be great (without needing a further subscription…!)
It would also be helpful if notes could be sent from within Clinko

Agreed! Just like it is in the invoice section (email, print is offered right beside the list)

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